Mental health care

I came across a thread on Twitter the other day that resonated with my experiences of mental health care so much that it was actually quite cathartic to read and realise I am far from being alone in my terrible encounters with mental health services. It was of course terribly sad too, to read of how much some people have suffered due to substandard care (some having lost their lives due to it), but this is not shocking to me any more given my personal experiences of mental health services. I thought I would share the link for others who are feeling alone in their neglect and for those who do not have experience with the mental health system and therefore perhaps do not realise how cruel it can be (I can’t tell you how many times I have been told ‘there’s help there, you just need to ask for it’ by well meaning strangers who don’t understand that it’s nowhere near that simple, even when you are at your most desperate).

WARNING: comments in this thread may be triggering for some individuals (as they mention mental health problems, suicide, a lack of help etc.), so please read with your health in mind: