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hi I’m Gareth age 26 from Barton on Humber i got adhd, Aspergers,  pda my health n well-being is on a low path and I need a relationship I’ve tried many relationships from online dating with people who don’t have disabilities or autism and haven’t had any success in making it last long and I’m depressed bad because of not being able to progress in life and so I plea for someone on here to please help me find someone who could come start a relationship with me my biggest interest is someone who accepts nappies, gaming and smart technology such as Alexa and music and very good at understanding and got very good social skills other than that I’m all open for new things that might be able to give me a more positive life and very open people who wants a family or has one but wants to accept me to be apart of their family as I’m very isolated, lonely, depressed, anxious and stressed at the moment and would like a heart please 

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