Flashing lights/ new crossing

The council are planning to put a new crossing right in front of our house, the zebra part right next to the drive, making it impossible to reverse in to our drive - and I am a wheelchair user. As such, I have a wheelchair in the back of the car, and therefore would prefer not to reverse out in to traffic... especially on to a zebra crossing.

More seriously, they intend to put flashing lights at the top of the drive, on, off, on, off, all day, all night, reflecting off neighbours windows and houses, which will mean that our house will have no protection against the lights.

We have three people with autism in this house, all of them very sensitive to flashing lights.

Does anyone have any suggestions? Can we claim compensation from the council for the fact we will have to sell the house, and move? Or do we have to accept that the council are entitled to do that, and put shutters across every window, day and night?