Can't access mental health services

Hello everyone, I am new here and I'm not sure how to help myself anymore...

I am having a very difficult time coping at work and where I live at the moment. I finally asked my GP for help and he referred me to the local mental health team and a counselling place. This really helped me feel like things could get better as I've been feeling trapped and isolated.

Unfortunately I had forgotten that before being diagnosed with autism, I had received a diagnosis of Borderline Personality Disorder, and this meant the referral was automatically rejected without them having to see me. I had thought that my autism diagnosis replaced the personality disorder, as it's a diagnosis I always felt was incorrect anyway, but it seems that not only has it stuck but it means I can't get the support I desperately need right now. It feels unfair because its been a few years since it all happened and I've always maintained that the personality disorder was wrong. I have been shown how I meet the criteria for aspergers, but nobody has ever been able to tell me how I meet the criteria for bpd. It's made me more depressed and more withdrawn and I'm stuck.

Does anybody know whether it's possible for the GP to review/change an incorrect diagnosis, or is this just the way it will have to be? I'm not sure how else I can get mental health support as I can't afford private counselling!

Thank you and sorry this post is long!

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  • I wouldn't have minded them saying no if they just thought my symptoms weren't severe enough. I work in the NHS so I completely understand they have to do that. Rejecting me on the basis of BPD just really alarmed me, especially as they haven't seen me for a long time and I have since received a different diagnosis. Just before I was discharged the previous time I told the psychiatrist I thought I had autism, not BPD, and she agreed with me!

    I can totally understand where you’re coming from here - having decisions based on something you don’t believe you have is very frustrating and upsetting. Perhaps you should raise what  you have said here exactly with the mental health team and ask for a response on the point. If you’re not comfortable contacting them directly then ask your GP to do this for you (I’m pleased to hear that you have a supportive GP).

    As you have seen, you’re not alone in your difficulties in this area, so come here for understanding/advice/to vent whenever you need to and best of luck getting the help you need.

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