Hospitals not ASD friendly

I have had to go to A and E and found the experience deeply uncomfortable.  Lots of people noise etc.  

I also have had to wait over a month and a half for a breathing issue to do with my throat.  Despite my Gp saying it was urgent.  

I got told many reasons why I had to wait so long.  Inconsistency, a real pain with my suspected ASD.  This prolonged agony got me thinking,  do hospitals really understand ASD?

Think of their layout and lack of facilities.

Does anyone else think this?

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  • It is debateable whether hospitals really understand ASD. They have been taught to deal with people in severe cases, vulnerable my opinion I don't think there is enough awareness or insight for those on the autism spectrum. The professionals at a hospital are reliant on how to find a solution in emergency situations. Saying that, they are basing all their expertise, skills and knowledge on how to help and ultimately treat the patient. The truth of the matter is they are reliant on perhaps someone with of a higher position or field to discuss what's the best solution. The resources are limited in relation to working or dealing with people with ASD. Saying that, I think there isn't a great understanding.

    Months ago, I went to an A&E but they did inquire about me, my details, why I am here, waiting time, speak to a health professional there to discuss further details. In an ideal world more should be put in place for autistic people in a medical or hospital setting but thinking about it they (nurses, doctors) have to deal with all different kinds of people. In simple terms, personally I do not think hospitals understand ASD. But, they do try to resolve the problem you have maybe not in the fastest of times but get there eventually.

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