I’m having surgery...

Hi all,

I wasn’t sure whether to post this or not as I didn’t want to come across as attention seeking, but then I decided I best had as otherwise there is the possibility that some people may think I’m being ignorant. So, I am having surgery (ACL reconstruction) on Monday (9th April) and therefore I don’t think I will be posting on the forum for a while from that date onwards. I realise I haven’t been so active on here recently anyway, but I just wanted to clarify this in case you all think I’ve disappeared or in case anyone responds to my posts and then perhaps thinks I’m ignoring them as I will not necessarily respond quickly whilst I am recuperating. Do feel free to still reply to any of my posts though, as I will catch up with them at some point!

Best wishes to all you lovely people whilst I’m gone.

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  • Good luck that everything goes well and then a speedy recovery!

    Since head and hands are quite far from the knee and the amount of activities and chores you can engage in may be somewhat limited after the surgery, you may be back here sooner than you think!