Tinitus woes, can you advise me please?

I've had this for weeks now and would like some advice.  I've always had problems with my ears (white noise) since I was 7yrs but only recently has this got worse.  I have exzema in my ears which produce far too much wax. I blame myself for these problems because every time they itched I scratched them and used cotton buds.  

I had my ears shringed last Christmas because they completely blocked up, after that I used Earol spray from boots one evening and oil drops with a dropper the following evening.  

Occasionally my left ear rang but now very often, but now my right ear is constantly making a high pitched noise which I find hard to bear.  I went to SpectSavers and they put a camera in my ear, they said one ear was full of wax (despite using the Earol).while there was some yellow residue in my left, they wern't sure if it was a infection or residue from olive oil left over.    

I have made an appointment with my Dr but I have to wait weeks because the receptionists wouldn't make it any earlier.  One evening while watching TV, I could hear it above the sound, so I went to the walk in surgery.and on examination said the back of my ear on the left looked red and swollen.  I've been given a spray with steroid in, and have since got one for my ringing right ear.  I use it three times a day.

I'm fed up because it's not too bad during the day, it's when I try and relax during the evening it seems to get worse.  Also my ear itches which I daren't touch in case it makes it worse.  My left ear is behaving itself since using the spray, it's just my problematic right ear now.  

I wouldn't be in this situation if I hadn't of scratched, or used cotton buds, so I blame myself that I've cause e-reversable damage to my hearing,  I'm hoping this will go back to white noise but it's highly unlikely.  I used to love meditation, but that's been taken away now.

Can you advise me please?

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  • Hello Aura, I'm sorry  this problem has got worse for you, I know how distressing it can be. Your doctor may well be able to help you, so try not to feel too despondent. And you can always ask to be referred to an Ear, Nose and Throat specialist if you're not satisfied. You've had tinnitus for a long time so perhaps you already know about that. I have had tinnitus for many years due to Meniere's Disease I was told, and I do believe that it can be a bit of a 'vicious circle' - the more aware of it you are, the worse it gets. So I try not to 'tune in' to it. It's not always easy. It helps me to have some quiet background noise to distract me and at night I have a recording of the sounds of the sea playing otherwise all I can hear is squealing noises! Perhaps you could find ways to mask the tinnitus a bit? It isn't always possible to drown it out but distraction is a good tactic. I do know that occaisionally I have had moments of panic, thinking "This is never, ever going to stop - I can't cope with it!" But that feeling is very brief. You seem to be cross with yourself about the cotton buds and scratching but, well, it's done now and you've stopped it, so that's good. Hope it goes well with the GP.

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