Active Noise-Cancelling Earplugs

Whilst continuing my search for ways to decrease the noise I hear in today's (selfish) society, I came across QuietOn active noise-cancelling earplugs ( Does anyone on the forum own a pair? If so, please post a review in reply to this posting.

I know Bose are working on a pair of 'sleepbuds' ( which take a different approach to QuietOn and are aimed at giving users better sleep. Unfortunately, the 'sleepbuds' will not be available until later this year.

I have a pair of Bose noise-cancelling headphones for indoor use and a set of 3M Peltor X5A ear defenders for general use, however, I cannot easily sleep in either.

I like active noise-cancelling because it produces a quieter environment than passive options, although I am also looking at a passive options (e.g. wax earplugs) for general use and for sleeping.

Any related comments will be much appreciated. Thank you.

  • I have custom-made musician's earplugs from variphone custom made earplugs that were one of the best investments I ever did. I got an extra pair just in case (different colour, so it is easy to distinguish left from right). They also come with a total block filter. I always sleep with my custom made earplugs. once you are used to them, they are ten times faster to put in and out than wax ones and foam ones. I find they block out sound better too. In Belgium the health insurance pays back a percentage.

    But they can be tricky when you have palpitations, because it makes your heart beat even more loudly in your ears, but I find it helps when you pull them out slightly.

    I also love them, because now I can actually tolerate non-acoustic music. And I always carry them, also e.g. for in cinema's or or places where the music is too loud.
    On trains and buses I often wear my  3M peltor optime I (often above my music in-ear phones- I used to put my music on loud to cancel out other noises, and this is really damaging to your hearing). If noise cancelling earphones are too expensive, it is a good thing to wear earmuffs over your regular in-ear earphones. I also wear them when I go to a tearoom alone for a coffee or on trains to cancel out squealing kids and chattering people. They are great. And for travelling, I sometimes wear them above custom made earplugs.

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