Mindfulness no better than watching tv

A recent systematic review and meta-analysis of the effects of mindfulness meditation on prosocial behavior found, essentially, that there is no evidence that it works. I find these results entirely unsurprising, and they yet again highlight the need for rigorous research before concluding that a phenomenon is real.


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  • I don’t understand everything the article talks about but as for meditation/mindfulness, I think it’s required, in one form or another and  to whatever degree, to get some level of introspection. But who knows. It’s like with anything else, if it’s of benefit to you, go ahead. I’ve been a meditator for about 15 years, it’s helped a lot, I’m not doing much meditation at present, and I have no idea if I’ll do any more in the future, but I suspect I will, but I might not! I’m not sure I know anything at the minute. 

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