Health worries limited diet

My daughter is 13years old she has always had a very limited diet but recently she has decided she doesn’t like some things she has eaten for years she doesn’t eat any fruit or veg as she previously only ate pink lady apples and raw carrot sticks but now she won’t eat them at all I am concerned about her nutrition she cannot bring herself to try new things and suffers with terrifying panic attacks when asked to try new food I admit we pander to her a lot but we would prefer a happy healthy child than a child that conforms to “the norm” however now I am concerned the amount of foods she eats is getting less and less I refuse to force her or hide food as she will not eat rather than eat food she doesn’t like. Any advice much appreciated. Thanks in advance. 

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  • I can't offer much advice, except to say that I think my food aversions became a lot worse in my teenage years. In my early 20s, however, like many adults I found that I enjoyed a much wider range of foods.

    That might seem like a long time to wait, but our bodies are surprisingly resilient and unlikely to suffer in the meantime. If I were you, I would keep trying new foods and flavours but not worry too much. And make sure you're trying a variety of textures, as well as a variety of foods.

    No point battling with panic attacks at mealtimes, though. If you were terrified of dogs and someone bought a large dog in to jump all over you every time you climbed into your bed, I doubt you'd eventually get used to the dog as a result. More likely, you'd stop using your bed. 

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