Sleep pattern changing....

Hi son is 9 with what I beleive is undiagnosed ASD... still attempting to get diagnosis.

Along with a host of symptoms that I won’t go in to on this post he struggles with sleep. This has been evident for years as he would struggle to switch off at night, l also suffers generalised and at times specific anxiety.

normally this is combatted with the use of a night light, ceiling fan and playing music.

However recently and especially during the holidays he has been struggling with his sleep, being out of routine hasn’t helped so I’m aware that this could be the main culprit. Even before Christmas break I realised on some mornings that when awakening I was finding him asleep with his iPad and headphones on, obvisouly getting up during the night and switching iPad on. 

It is becoming more of an issue, I’m wondering whether to take iPad out of room at night although iPad is parental controlled and he doesn’t gain access to live play etc. I’m worried that it over stimulates him more.

last night we tried audio books but this didn’t work I also lay with him which can usually settle him but no and I put his iPad across the room, but at some point during the night he used it, I found him asleep this morning again with his head phones?

when asked why he uses it he says because he ‘ feels lonely when he wakes up from his dreams’ ?, L struggles with dreaming, when young claiming he didn’t dream?

we are attempting to establish more of a routine and get him more active to try and help, he’s only getting a couple of hours sleep a night at minute or if he goes to sleep it’s broken..

What do people recommend, should I remove iPad and make it a rule, he doesn’t read either so not an option either.

Im hoping getting back to school will help but I noticed on a couple off occasions this was occurring then too.

thanks tracky.

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