Nearly Homeless Autistic and Terrified

I don't know where to get some help, I'm 30/f diagnosed with autism a few years ago. I'm struggling with how to cope and my relationship has broken down, I'm having to move out by the weekend and have nowhere to go, no support from family just being told to get on with it and to be realistic. I'm feeling hopeless and extremely depressed. No idea how to navigate the world alone, feel like i cant support myself emotionally let alone anything else. Any advice would be really helpful thank you I'm desperate. 

  • Can you apply for assistance? Disability? This is start. I have, myself slept on my fair share of fire escapes, all night laundromats and diners, libraries, trees and crash-pads in the 60's. Do NOT relinquish your sense of self worth. Being marginalized is not the same is being unworthy!! Please remember this, no matter what.

  • I didn't live such a life, myself, but I did deal with evictions; due to my histrionics.

    In space, no one can hear you scream.

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