Nearly Homeless Autistic and Terrified

I don't know where to get some help, I'm 30/f diagnosed with autism a few years ago. I'm struggling with how to cope and my relationship has broken down, I'm having to move out by the weekend and have nowhere to go, no support from family just being told to get on with it and to be realistic. I'm feeling hopeless and extremely depressed. No idea how to navigate the world alone, feel like i cant support myself emotionally let alone anything else. Any advice would be really helpful thank you I'm desperate. 

  • Dig deep.  Don't panic.  Tribulation is something we CAN cope with (but that doesn't mean it is an easy nor pleasant ride!). Stick with a mantra of what-will-be-will-be, and check in here if you feel the need for some insane sanity.....from people who KNOW.

    I wish you the best fortune, given your tiresome and discombobulating circumstances.  Things will settle.  Keep the faith in yourself and the world at large.

    Things "come good" most of the time.

  • I didn't live such a life, myself, but I did deal with evictions; due to my histrionics.

    In space, no one can hear you scream.

  • I'm having to move out by the weekend and have nowhere to go

    If you really have nowhere to go then I would recommend pushing back on the leaving until you do have an option open to you - it may mean seeping on the couch / floor but is better than being on the streets.

    Check what local homeless charities have to offer as a last resort but I would be looking to call in any favours, mending relationships with your family and asking anyone you have a good connection with if they know of anyone renting a room.

    Anything you do will need money - do you have a job or benefits to help?

    Your priorities should be:

    1 - safety. You need somewhere you are not going to be attacked / robbed / raped. Family tend to be the best for this so suck up your disagreements (unless they were downright abusive) and ask for help.

    2 - accommodation. Check what homeless shelters there are, speak to the people running them and find out what is out there. There can be some very low cost places too but you need to take a lot of precautions there too.

    3 - food. Find out what food banks / soup kitchens etc are in your town. These can see you though until you are in a better place.

    4 - income. You won't get anywhere until you have income so think how you can earn some money to pay for all the essentials.

    5 - support. Speak to your GP and explain the situation and ask what support they can recommend.

    The council may be able to help with some aspects of this but from what I have seen of them recently they are mostly broke from people tripping over uneven paving slabs and suing them.

    It will be a challenge but you need to try to find the focus to find out as much about this as possible. Don't be afraid to let your partner hear you do this as it may make them more willing to give more time. Point out that you are going to be in the streets so the only way to contact you will be in person in the homeless shelter - if they have a heart then they won't let this be the next stop.

    Is it manipulation? Yes, but it merits it I believe.

    That's all I can think of at the moment - I really hope something works out but you need to put the effort in now to help it work out.

  • Can you apply for assistance? Disability? This is start. I have, myself slept on my fair share of fire escapes, all night laundromats and diners, libraries, trees and crash-pads in the 60's. Do NOT relinquish your sense of self worth. Being marginalized is not the same is being unworthy!! Please remember this, no matter what.