Need advice on employment options and diagnosis help

Hi there, I am 19 years old and I only just recently found out that I could be autistic. Finding out that I was has helped me understand more about myself and the way that I think however I need help with finding employment options as I had a job for 3 months and had to quit due to the fact that my mental health got really bad. It was a stocking shelves job which was okay but the fact that it changed so often and there was a whole management system changed really didn't help.

I really hate social situations and they cause a lot of anxiety for me, I have no access to support as I am not diagnosed and my mother isn't supportive of me (she insists that I am not autistic). I am currently on Universal Credit but unless I find a job they will kick me off so I am running out of options. Are there any kind of jobs that I could do that don't require much social interaction?

I am also currently enrolled in another college (thinking of dropping out as it's becoming too much to handle).

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!