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I thought it might be nice to share our creativity.

Anything really, photography, art, writing etc etc.

Thanks to Steven for partly inspiring this thread.

Please include a visual description with any images to aid those of us with sight impairment.

Thank you.

I'll start:

  • Hello all,

    I've finished up a prototype audiobook clip of the novel, The Sweethearts: I Can Wait Forever, written by myself and voiced by "Paddington".

    There is a preceding chapter, but this was the one I wanted to properly test out. To summarise: an eight year old Lily Taylor had left Ashdale twelve years prior to these events to Newcastle-Upon-Tyne owing to her father's change of work. It is now 1992, and certain events have persuaded her to return to her hometown and start afresh. That said, another factor had also fortified that reason to go back, her childhood friend Sviatoslav Vulpula, an autistic vulpire. How will it all go? Will Sviatoslav be elated? Or would time have turned too much for him to accept the past to return?

    The MP3 file is on my Google Drive and the chapter lasts roughly 35-40 minutes. Fear not, it's been scanned with McAfee for anything bad. Please note, there are small bugs and some literacy and plot errors may have not been resolved, but it is a prototype after all :) Please let us know of what you think?

  • Thank you for sharing with us! Honestly I prefer reading than listening, but I will find some time in the evening to listen to the chapter. I’m really curious!

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  • Thanks friend. I have trouble reading, and for me this is not only a good way for me to listen back to what I've written, but also it serves to help those who have similar problems to myself :)

    I'm going to try catering for all masses if I can :)