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I thought it might be nice to share our creativity.

Anything really, photography, art, writing etc etc.

Thanks to Steven for partly inspiring this thread.

Please include a visual description with any images to aid those of us with sight impairment.

Thank you.

I'll start:

  • A revamp of one I did some time ago relating to the novel I have in the works. An sinister force has breached the Galatrine System, a universe that is broken up into three separate galaxies, and the Galatrine Alter at the heart of it all, is under threat. 

    The guardians are needed in order to repel the invasion known as the Lupinarians, but only one is known. This changes when Jhade-Javayanah, princess of Jadonia located in one of the galaxies, ventures to the galaxy Earth is located and discovers Amanda Kane, the last surviving Lotorian of the doomed planet Lotoria in the second galaxy, has been adopted by the Eartherians, and has been anointed to weild the powers of her galaxy.

    The search is on to find the third guardian which continues to elude them, all the while Jhade and Amanda start developing feelings and subsequently a relationship. Everything is almost doomed when Jhades' over-confidence scuppers the mission and gets Amanda's adopted-father Thomas Kane killed in the process. Things don't get much better for Jhade when she discovers that Thomas is the secret husband to her mother, and is in fact his daughter, further fuelling her anguish and sorrow.

    After Kane's ghost helps the two to reconcile, they leap to the defence of the Galatrine System, but are easily outclassed without the third guardian to complete the unity. But when Lily Taylor, Amanda's best-friend puts herself in harms way to save her, she is granted the power of the Third Galatrine Guardian, completing the triangulation of power, and finally bringing an end to the Lupinarian empire.


  • Captivating story and picture masterpiece! 

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  • Most kind of you. They are angels of their own dimensions, but united as one they're a devastating force to be reckoned with. The Galatrine Altar may be sacrificed at the end of it all, but it reincarnates as Princess Zantaroh, the daughter of Amanda and Sviatoslav, and born on Jadonia, making her the successor of the Alters' power, and ultimately a goddess. A story telling of her identity struggles, both through her ultimate existence, but in herself as a person.