DRUGS ! and eye movement speed

quote "a number of studies have suggested a benefit in autism from a wide range of drugs, from oxytocin for social behavior, to Alzheimer's disease drugs like NMDA antagonists and GABA agonists, to language and social benefits from propranolol"


I have started taking the Propranolol at night, I have found I get diahrea in the morning, but I feel calmer.  I can speed read and normally my right eye gets bloodshot (dry eye) by the reading long-term. I believe,  I can read fast because of my environmental lookout awareness, years of anxiety and scanning and cognitively thinking in emotional situations to cope with stress(fast eyes and rapid eye movement, which is normal in anxiety situations).  I have found that the Propranlol slows down MY JUMPING EYES,(which are good for reading lol) and they are calmer in the environment, less scanning horizon band. I wonder,  if any scientist has looking at the eye movement speeds of people with autism.




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