Melanie Sykes have just been diagnosed with autism

Melanie Sykes has just been diagnosed as being autistic 

She like many here remained undiagnosed until later in life. 

very positive article

  • Thank you so much for posting this. I can't put into words how I feel. Hopefully this should be a positive step in helping people understand autism and breaking down stereotypes.

    Edit - also mixed feelings that it should take a highish profile celebrity who doesnt fit the stereotypical mould to announce this in order for people to start listening. 

    Further edit - I like melanie sykes. I don't know much about the other one just that she's always in the local news website it seems wanting attention about her kids. I'm sure it must be difficult for her but I can't help feeling she uses it just yo get "air time". 

  • Duno Greta Tuneburg is autistic and she does nothing to raise awareness for it. Besides harp on about climate change. She's constantly in the public eye but does nothing back to it. Eminem at least raps about his strugels with ADHD. But ADHD is separate though as I have both anyway.

  • the more publicy she can generate the better for all people with autism.   

  • there is no way i am going to knock a fellow autistic doing so well. Viva Greta I say. 

  • Yes, I saw this earlier this week. 
    As a woman, I’m pleased to hear yet another female has been correctly diagnosed, despite not appearing to have an issue outwardly, which is so not often the case. (I can only go on her TV persona, as I don’t know the women). I also like that she feels able to be public about it, because not everyone feels able to.

    We never know peoples struggles behind closed doors, and clearly she’s had enough on her plate supporting her child who is also on the spectrum.

    I don’t doubt that she will try and raise more awareness one way or another, because of her line of work.

  • I agree.  I think it'll give women a bit more confidence to speak up about it. Maybe in terms of our needs. I thought the five points near the end if the article from this website were helpful.

    There's a lady in my class who is dyslexic. Although there are still misconceptions about dyslexia,  I feel it's more accepted.  I'm saying this because she spoke up last week. "I need to do such and such" in class. Whereas I still feel like I can't say at work for example ""I need to do such and such" because I'm still made to feel a bit that it's all in my head (which technically,  it is).

  • She has raised the bar for climate change awareness.  I can't knock her for that. Maybe she has more important things to be vocal about than her autism.  I'm saying tv personality doesn't usually fit the mould. 

  • No doubt we'll be seeing more of her on social media using the #ActuallyAutistic hashtag... I am pleased for her, I also see the risk  showcasing people for whom autism presents few, if any, real cognitive disadvantages, especially those with privileged access to the media could result in society trivialising autism.

  • How is this showcasing?

    More importantly, who are we to judge whether she she a few, or ‘real’ cognitive disadvantages? You don’t know the woman, and you don’t live with her. You cannot see her struggle. Just because her job is in the public eye at time, doesn’t mean she doesn’t have issues. 
    Clearlyshe wouldn’t have received a diagnosis is she didn’t also have some cognitive impairment?

    She’s already expressed a few issues that she’s always struggled with anyway….not that she has to explain herself.

  • Don't get me wrong she's done s good thing but if you had that kind of lime light in the public eye you could do more for aweness not slating her just saying there aren't enough famous autistic people who ease aweness or mention the strugels