Is there some kind of housing for mentally ill autistic adults?

I cannot live at home anymore, every day is making my depression so much worse. It seems impossible to get mental health help, I've been trying for five years and I'm at my breaking point

Any longer and I know I'll try to unalive myself

My family were not as supportive as I thought they were, or I believe as they think they are

Is there some kind of housing or accomodation that's offered for people like me

I'm finding it impossible to work because of my mental illnesses so I'm at a complete loss

  • There are places like that in Poland, but you do not want to end up there.

    Find a job, live on your own, that's my solution

    It was easier to find a room to rent when I was younger, but nobody wants me as a flatmate anymore, so I rent studio

  • For a person on the spectrum, finding and securing a house can be complicated. Click here for helpful resources on housing and homes for autistic adults.

  • Hey, 

    I'm a student paramedic and often work with people in crisis.

    Samaritans are good for immediate support. 

    If you are experiencing extreme hopelessness call 999 or go to A&E (legally they have to make a care plan and put something in place- safety netting).

    Talk to 111, ask to speak to one of their specialist mental health clinicians. The wait may be a little while due to demand, but they should be able to offer valuable advice.

    Look at work as a way to finance your escape! I'm 20 and currently buying my first flat as my family home can be a toxic environment. Just try to hold onto the light at the end of the tunnel, pour yourself into work, because your doing it to make your dream a reality. 

    Speak to your local authority, there may be housing schemes available but each area is different.