Explaining what ASD is.

I may have a job interview coming up soon and they know I'm Autistic. When I disclosed it to my current employer at HR they asked me what it is, how does it affect me. I explained its a spectrum and everyone is different, but its like asking someone to explain what being 'normal' or 'NT' is like. Being Autistic is normal, and as we're born with it and don't know any different. Does anyone have any advice on how to sum it up quickly, incase  its brought up in the interview? I get mind blank in certain situations, like shut down. I'm anxious incase they think being Autistic will have a negative effect on them employing me. Thankyou.

  • Interviewer :

    "What is Autism ?"

    You :

    " Autism is a Neurological Developmental Disorder that affect the way in which I interpret the world, It doesn't necessarily affect my intelligence but does cause me a range of difficulties with communication and sensory processing which can easily be overcome through some reasonable adaption such [Example of an applicable reasonable adaption in the workplace]." 

    "Even though I have these difficulties with communication & sensory differences I have an extensive understanding of myself and my weakness like any other employee & as such with the right opptunity & right measures in place like any other employee I can become essential and productive assets to your workforce."

    "I understand that the prospects of hiring someone with additional needs can be daunting, But if I can kindly request is for you to be mindfully understanding that me being on the autism spectrum can bring a wide range of advantages to your company and your workforce."

    "Autistic individuals like myself have a wide range of specific skills that majority of typical employees lack or are extremely poor at. These skills include being extraordinary capability for alternate problem solving while being precise and detail orientated."

    "By considering me for this opptunity you may one step closer to becoming more inclusive workplace which may provide [The business or company] with a positive employment statics which may benefit the [The business or company] in positive way in the near future."

    "Large Companies like Microsoft & Google have recognised huge advantages since seeking autistic employees with massive increase productivity and increase moral since encouraging Neurological diverse workforce."

  • Thankyou Blue. You've made some helpful points there.

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