How do you recover after lots of video meetings?

Anyone else finding that you spend several hours in video meetings for work or social and are utterly shattered and unable to focus?

What do you do to recover your energy after? Finding it hard to pick myself up again in time for dinner with the family and for th ekids bedtime routine!


  • Hi Exhibit A

    I usually go out for a walk or pick up on hobby time, if I'm not working. I have been dealing with multiple meetings during the day and then various online stuff later wither for the kids or for various out of work responsibility's I have. I find music is the key however and will use it to attempt to shut everything out if I can, what ever I end up doing.

  • Hi, I hear that.

    I am trying to arrange 

  • Hi,

    i feel this massively too. What particularly frustrates me is that it leaves me too drained to do zoom calls for fun with my friends and family.

    somethings that have helped me:

    -experimenting with video on/off

    -using headphones rather than computer speakers

    -arranging breaks between meetings where ever possible

    -refusing calls if you can. Even if your not ‘out’ at work, most people recognise they are hard work and declining or deferring meetings because you’re tired has been accepted by folks. If a meeting is worth doing it’s worth doing well

    -having a lie down/lights off when needed

    -not nearing yourself up about any of the above if that’s what you need. If the company wants you to work like this then taking a break is a legit use of working time. Also, the world is mad and crazy stressful at the moment and your doing well just to keep going. Our expectations of our self are way beyond what others expect from us.

    i see that every person/home/workplace will be different. I’m luckily in a good, accepting work culture,  and I would struggle a lot more if I had childcare to consider too. I’m also not diagnosed so these may jut be my own personal coping mechanisms and not anything to do with ASD :) 

  • I feel exactly like that as well. Some days I do one meeting after the other and then collapse. I do a refocus break like having a coffee or going for a walk, or just getting in the garden. It usually helps choosing a specific and focused task after that, like writing something works. 

  • thanks everyone, much appreciated. I was wondering about some way of getting into a flow state that does not involve staring at a screen. Music and walking is a good idea. I was wondering about a podcast or book on tape