Estranged Adult ASD Brother / Prison

Hello everyone 

10 years ago my brother cut all communication with me and my parents. I think it was after another ‘pull yourself together’ row between him and my parents. We subsequently found out that he had ASD. We should have known, we should have understood, we should have supported him and taken care of him. We failed him.

He is now 54 and in the prison system. From what I know noise from neighbours is a trigger for him causing him to lash out and harm people. He is due to be released on licence next year. I gained this information from a local news report. 

I desperately want to reconnect and help him but he denies us any contact. I don’t blame him. His situation is our fault. He deserved more from us.

Can anyone offer any advice on how to reconnect? 

I wish you all the very best.

  • I think the best way forward may be an old-fashioned hand written letter to him. Detail why you now see your past attitude towards him was wrong and misplaced.

    Maybe be outside the prison for him when he is released. Have you ever broached the subject of visiting him in prison?

    All the best, Graham