Police are dangerous for those on the autistic spectrum

Police do not understand autism and will readily interpret our unusual actions as criminal wherever possible, especially if they think they can make a financial benefit from doing so.

I am keen to try and help educate the police and legal system and look for opportunities

Birmingham tried to do something useful a few years ago but it never got progressed https://www.birmingham.gov.uk/download/downloads/id/557/adults_with_autism_and_the_criminal_justice_system_november_2012.pdf

  • Good points. I think the police focus on internet stuff and in my case made a scam trap look genuine. I found the police were not honest 

  • Very very very dangerous to the undiagnosed! 

    It should be mandatory for all autistic people to have lawyers present at the very least before anything is recorded that may be used against them. For those who are un diagnosed, they may already be so far gone with wrong 'friends' etc in life that just having a diagnosis might not help them. 

    Police, are unfortunately subject to achievements of convictions in career it seems which is in itself bias towards anyone vulnerable just as a base line. 

  • ...A certain Person well seasoned whom I hoped would reply has replied... Thank You as always!

    I do have GREAT trouble with Threads where a person starts a topic then adds more seemingly disparate subjects which link to the main.

    an implied suicide threat

    ...Now I get it. Again, as I tried to say... Yes this makes sense and Yes it is very very bad. The word "suicide" makes most persons simply jump their "Train of thought" onto a totally different Track, if You know what I mean. 

    Alas, again, the awful deed is done, and so I can offer nothing else but advice to LEARN from it. You ask if I have some link to the Law/Police, and I suppose not, but I am (lately) very aware of how words can be taken - or jumped upon - by persons and used, misused or misunderstood. Mr Robert123 gives excellent points, so watch out for those in future. It is very difficult to be careful when under pressure/stress (rushed &or lied to)...

    ...speaking of which, someone else has just posted as I type this!! I meant to say, always check Your own feelings, and if it seems like something is not going to go how You need, then say nothing or make certain to ask for support or clarification. Use of the word "suicide" is a massive word, just like "racism", and it helps to learn how "spin" and "The Law" works, even if One is neither a Politician or a Policeman.

    Sorry this is so long... but a lot of this could start a lot of other Threads. (Spin, obfuscation, Misunderstanding, & such.) Good Fortune To You in any case...

  • Doesn't matter if they understand or not. Look at number of people charged with resisting arrest with no other reason to explain why they being arrested to start with.

  • Police see themselves as being above the law. Try to get them to understand people, but no hope . They have their own opinions and can be extremely unfair and aggressive www.birmingham.gov.uk/.../adults_with_autism_and_the_criminal_justice_system_november_2012.pdf

  • Can i ask?  is this the first time youve encountered the police/? or are you known to them at all?

  • First time I’ve been on the receiving end of their aggressiveness, which I think was all based on misunderstanding autistic use of a scam website 

  • misunderstanding autistic use of a scam website

    ...Another new factor. I meant all of what I said before, but this, again, is another new aspect, again, and I feel that My replies before now make Me look foolish. (Again.) 

    Perhaps a separate Thread about THIS new introduced aspect - "Autistic use of scam websites" - would gain more helpful responses, than just the general title of "Police are dangerous for those on the Autistic Spectrum".

    (Also there is a "downvote" for simply asking a question which, had the question not been asked, this new angle about "scam websites" might not have been stated.)

    ...In general, the police do act upon the Law, and if a person has fallen for a Scam (e.g. Websites which take Money illegally from an account), then further action is required by Police or Victims or Supporters to expose the fact that the Victim had been Scammed in the first place. Upon the Internet this is ridiculously difficult, but it is the way that this (awful) Internet/WWW business works with the Law at large.

    Good Luck, still. Not sure what else to say after this, unless more is to come. I do recommend starting another Thread, though, and it should progress *very* differently from this one and should attract much more pertinant answers.

  • 3. Autism and the criminal justice system

    Tackling a sensitive but incredibly important topic, this research will look to inform us about possible reasonable adjustments that could be made in order that lawyers, judges and the court system conduct fair trials when autistic individuals are involved.

    Autism research trust/

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