Autism and homelessness - anyone with experience with Housing Law?

I already made a post here with a full background of events:

Here I will keep it much more brief.

I am homeless and have been put in a temporary accommodation hostel over christmas. I've been beaten up here twice, and they clearly see that people bully me, and i'm not high functioning enough to talk my way out of danger.

now the council say I must move out

the options the council are giving me is:

  1. moving me into 'Supported accommodation' - which is full of heroin and crack addicts, alcoholics, people with severe mental health problems, schizophrenia etc, and people moving out of prison. here I would be on "lockdown", need to give urine samples, have daily room inspections etc. and have to pay them £120 out of my own money each month, not covered by housing benefit as "service charge" (this place seems more like a psych ward than a "supported accommodation") 

  2. or they say they're kicking me out back onto the streets to go back to being street homeless and let me fend for myself again

Does anyone have experience with the council ? or homelessness while having autistic spectrum disorder?

They don't seem to care, and seem to be treating my traits and symptoms as me being "difficult".