As with probably most people on here public transport is a no go. I also cannot stand being in a car with other people as I am not in control and constantly anxious plus the fact I am stuck with whatever noise they decide to generate. I think the desire to be alone has pushed me towards motorcycles and I do actually really like bikes regardless.

When I get on my bike all my anxiety seems to dissipate. It is just me and this machine working in harmony. Still, I can't help but feel incredibly lonely. I know there are bike groups around me that meet up and go on ride-outs but I just couldn't do it. I couldn't handle the chit chat, the hanging around. I could probably handle the riding around in a group bit but that's it.

I also cannot go exploring as a lot of bikers do. If I do not know the route I am on like the back of my hand I get real panicky so I end up riding the same routes over and over and I constantly worry in the back of my mind 'what if something goes wrong' so I never go far.

I know a lot of this is anxiety, but I have been trying to expose myself to my fears throughout my life and even been for CBT and I am just as anxious now as I was at 15. I feel like I should just stop trying and accept I am someone that is probably always going to be doing stuff alone. I'm just getting sick of being alone all the time but I cannot see a way out of it. I hate being alone but also hate being around people. I don't think I have a question I just needed to say stuff.



  • Greetings. "Getting things off One's chest", or a nice calm "rant", is what this Forum is for. Good on You, and wanting to be alone is also common and there is nothing wrong with that. You can sometimes veer off from usual routes to build up exploring, also.

  • There are lots of bikers on here and I can relate to a lot of what you're saying. I gave up biking about three years go after suddenly losing interest - after pretty much reaching the peak of it as far as skills are concerned at least as far as civilians can go (I qualified to teach advanced riding skills). I loved biking as a teenager, and obviously enjoyed what I did as an adult. I loved the solitude, the flow, and the fact that it's the closest thing to flying that you can do without leaving the ground.

    But I struggled with the chit chat too, and what I relate to most is that although my advanced skills made riding unfamiliar roads just as much fun (if not more fun) than riding familiar ones, I really lacked the urge to "go out and play" unless I had somewhere to go. I went touring once or twice, and every time we went somewhere I loved the first 45 minutes and then got bored.

  • Hi,

    I have a motorbike 125, Been riding for 10 years now, always on a CBT renewal. It used to be great fun for a few years but a 125, wouldn't venture too far but mainly to see my family 25 miles away. I hate public transport and couldn't afford to run a car until recent. 

    Me too with bike clubs. Tried it once and didn't like it (was never a clubby person anyway) and was never interested in trying group rides.

    Not so much used now- noticeably more stressful on the road and started having trouble seeing in the dark with these superbright headlights coming at you.


  • Hello, 

    Like others have said there are quite a few bikers here. Motorcycling is a good hobby for people who savour time alone, autistic or not. I think this is why the biker-loner stereotype is pervasive.

    I mostly ride by myself, and occasionally go out with one other - my only biker friend actually. I Don't bother with meet-ups. Riding is the fun part, not standing around looking at other people's bikes.



  • I love the technology of motorbikes and would like to have one to play with - however there's no way I'd feel safe riding one on any of the roads around here.  

    I used to work with a bunch of bikers - I was the only one not on two wheels - they brought all their magazines in for the tea-room - and in true aspie tradition, I read them all and memorised all of the technical information about all the bikes.