My free service initiative

Sorry to intrude, I don't know if this is the correct place to start my effort. I want to provide online behavior intervention service to people with autism for free (sort of like an online clinic). I am a behavior analyst in training, supervised by registered behavior professional. Since I have limited time available, I am going to prioritize serving clients with low income. I'm just starting this initiative and still need to figure out how many sessions I could provide for each individual etc.. 

I really hope this is useful and someone needs it. If you think it might be useful for you, please fill out the google form and I will be in contact with you.

I'm open to any suggestions! 

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  • Sorry to intrude, I don't know if this is the correct place to start my effort.

    No it's not. It isn't a place where people hand over personal information, volunteer as test subjects, and discuss personal issues with a completely unknown person who could be up to anything.

    I'm open to any suggestions! 

    Look elsewhere. Go through proper channels.

  • Tell us your full cv

    how you will handle gdpr

    What is your speciality 

    assure us we are not here to be used for your personal benefit 

  • Although the forum shouldn't be used for things like this its a good place to start and most days theres someone asking or help, such as providing their views for market research. I do think you'd get more responses and be able to help more people if there was more information on the form, such as a link to your initiatives website (you set this up low cost using Wordpress), link to your LinkedIn etc.

    If this doesn't go anywhere you may be able to volunteer for Action for Aspergers, which is a similar initiative. Then not only would you be able to increase your practice hours, but you'd also be able to see how someone else runs a similar initiative to the one you want to establish. 

  • You’ve not bothered to reply to anyone so I doubt you are going to be keen to help anyone but just want to use us for your benefit . You must have had copies of all these replies 

    Very bad start to a future as a counsellor