Books/Literature advice

Hi forum,

New member here, I’m an adult/f/30’s waiting for a diagnostic assessment. While I wait I have been taking some time to read related literature.

So far I have read the following titles

  • Tony Attwood - Asperger’s syndrome
  • Lorna Wing - the autistic spectrum
  • Nita Jackson - standing down...falling up

I am waiting for a delivery of

  • Temple Grandin - emergence: labelled autistic

Does anyone on the forum have any experiences of the following titles?

  • Uta Frith - autism: explaining the enigma
  • John Donovan - in a different key: the story of autism
  • Judy singer - neurodiversity: the birth of an idea
  • Donna Williams - autism: an inside out approach
  • simon baron-Cohen - autism and Asperger syndrome
  • cynthia Kim - I think I might be autistic

In addition to this I am learning that the signs of autism in women are suggested to be different from that of men so would be keen to read more about women’s experiences of autism. Does anyone have any experience of the following titles?

  • Sarah bargeila - camouflage: the hidden lives of autistic women
  • Sarah hendrickx - women and girls with autism spectrum disorder
  • Barb cook and Michelle garnett - spectrum women: walking to the beat of autism

finally, if anyone has any recommendations for books not listed here would you please share them with me?

thanks in advance.