I'm growing a long beard

In protest against the neglect and discrimination society shows me I'm growing a long beard.

My story is not an uncommon one in some respects. As a child I was emotionally abused by my father and I had nowhere else to go. Due to my Autism I was, of course, in a more difficult position than some would be. In the culmination to years of being controlled and emotionally terrorised, I was chased out of my parents' house by my dad who had a knife in his hand and was screaming at me. 

Years later I live alone in a flat but cannot get a support worker, despite repeat requests to GPs. I've attempted to arrange for a support worker to work for me, in a self-employed basis, (for which I'd pay all the funds directly myself) through my own advertisements I've placed but can't find anyone that way either.

I can't cope doing things on my own and have told professionals this many times. I've been in 4 psychiatric wards, detained against my will. Now I'm 32, no friends in my local area, no prospects.

My beard is already longer than it's ever been after 2 weeks of unshaven growth. I'm not going to be trimming it so will let it grow out naturally and freely.

  • I used to work with a guy with a big beard - he was the most unfit guy ever.    His beard was effectively a menu of everything he'd eaten that week.   It was gross.   

    I was doing a plant room inspection tour with him on the 3rd floor when he started complaining about chest pains.    He looked terrible.    I phoned for help and managed to get him safely down all the stairs and into the control room where we met the site doctor and nurse.    They examined him and he was taken straight  to hospital by ambulance having a minor heart attack.    It's very lucky that I got him out of the plant room - rescue access would have been impossible.

    I have nightmares about possibly having to give him CPR and getting a Full English Breakfast at the same time.  

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