What is autism

I don't come on here very much because I don't like to think about how I'm "autistic" apparently, no offence to anyone who does like to think about that but I don't.

But when I do, I can't work out what it is. I've read that it isn't a physical medical condition and it isn't a mental health problem so what exactly is it. If it's just a way of thinking that a person has then why label it other than to just call it their personality?

Another related question, I am often (as in twice in the past two weeks) in ambulances. I don't need them but if strangers see me having a seizure they panic. Medical people always want to know my other medical conditions, should I tell them autism?

  • Best defined as neurological I guess. I would def inform medical people, yes. You can get hospital passports/alert cards, things like that

  • For me it certainly isn't a personality because it causes a lot of suffering. 

  • The way I see it is that my brain developed slightly differently to the majority. Some have black hair, some brown and some blonde. Some have a brain that spends more time working out pointless social stuff, whereas mine focusses on the logical, maybe simpler black and white stuff. This means that I struggle to deal with some stuff in life, and my brain struggles with lots of input, but at the same time I can work out stuff that others cannot. We are all different, we are all special and we must make the most of what we have. I am diagnosed with ASD, but I simply view it that I have a slightly differently wired brain. I wouldn't change who I am and can appreciate the talent that is within my brain. Do not see it as a disability. See it as a gift, and find the thin that makes you tick. Whether you tell people or not is a personal thing. I wont be telling anyone other than those close to me. I don't think the label makes a difference either way, but I think understanding that it is just how we are helps manage things better.

    On the biological front, I think certain parts of the brain develop differently. I don't think it is something gone wrong, but just the way our DNA organises how our brain grows and works. It might be that complex neurological networks don't build in the parts that deal with social stuff, but do with logical processing, or it might be that the social stuff requires more complex structures and we are stuck on a more simple level. However, lets face it, it would be a poorer world if we all dedicated our brain power to socialising... Use yours wisely... Enjoy life and be positive...