On the issue of Deceit and Trust?

Sadly it has come to pass a social activity I am involved with. to have invested a great deal of time and energy has become threatened due to my disagreement with the leader of the activity group over one thing I have a great deal of difficulty dealing with, that thing being deceit.

Now it appears to myself no other or at least none others that are saying have a problem with that deceit, to wonder am I wrong in expecting better of one that purports to lead ?

For in it is the issue of trust where I find I just can't trust someone of whom has deceived me, not once, but twice.

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  • Likewise, I can't see that person in the same way again. It's as though their appearance to me changes almost physically. It's happening to me at work as we speak...I feel incredibly uncomfortable this morning.

  • Not only liars in my case, deceitful, condescending, patronising, contradictory and ambiguous people too.

    how can my perceptions be wrong and yours are right?

    How can others recognise my ideas, re-use and/or implement them when I'm told nobody is interested in them?

    How can I be working for a company no problem at all for 20+ years except for the time since I have been bullied and discriminated against?