Let's respond to the Review of the National Autism Strategy 'Think Autism': call for evidence?

We've formed a group to put together a response to the Consultation about the review of the Autism Strategy - we have the questions on a google doc to work together to decide on the key things we need to say as a group of ND people. You can find the doc here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1BE28q9Cwm18diFXXUTzuYrrpbrJ0505aQnqsJ8_p8Sw/edit?usp=sharing - if you'd like to join a group to respond collectively, let us know and we'll send an invite to the slack workspace.

  • Just to let people know. I am participating with this although not in person Eccentric 1 is feeding by thoughts feelings opinions on my behalf. I have an awful lot going on at the moment work and home problems so please do not think I am just not participating I am but just in a way that is easier for me at the moment. Thanks to everybody who has brought this together and sorry I am not taking part, in person. I had also previously sent my opinions on the consultation a couple of months ago and have my local MP on board. If you want to ask me anything just send me a PM on here, thanks