older and elderly autistic adults

I'm a researcher but also a parent of two autistic adults.  I'm conducting a research study as part of my post-graduate degree focusing on older and elderly autistic adults, in particular the support they receive once they reach retirement age; where they are living; who's advocating for them; and just how safe are they.  I'm interested in hearing families' views and experiences and if anyone is happy to share this information with me please reply to this post.  Thank you.  

  • I have two comments:

    1). To who posted this thread. I think for research studies, it would be *necessary* to post the information of the principal investigator/lab, name of university, the research ethics code, and contact info of the researcher when asked. This is how we know that the research is genuine. Many university psychology studies have a system called SONA where people can sign up for posted studies, and all the information mentioned above will be on there. If you look at www.callforparticipants.com you will see that each experiment will say the university hosting it as well as it's ethics approval information. I can understand starting the thread as an unofficial way to see who is interested, but there is no reason not to give this information when asked, that just seems a bit dodgy. 

    2). To people who have commented that this is a violation of the rules. If the question was posted as "I'm interested in hearing more about the experiences of autistic adults here, in particular what support do you receive once you reach retirement age, where are you living, if you have someone advocating for you, or anyone in your family taking care if you" - basically without the first two sentences saying that "I'm a researcher", then there will be no one saying that they are breaking the rules. How come that first sentence makes so much of a difference?

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