How to commit career suicide

- Walk out of your job half way through the day

- Not engage with the new work colleague beyond hello and goodbye even though you know you should make more of an effort and it's been picked up on

- Shout at your poor long suffering manager

- Start swearing when describing your role

- Make doodles on Paint instead of paying attention to important meetings

- Spend the vast majority of my working time lurking on various forums

I could go on. I've never been this bad. My boss is lovely and I know I'm a nightmare member of staff. I get 18 months into a job and just start getting bored or not enjoying it. I've been in this one for 2 and a half years which is a record for me but things are going from bad to worse.

I'm job hunting but I am only applying to things that grab me, I don't actually know what I want to do, so it's a slow, painful and frustrating process 

I feel like I'm in a black hole endlessly circling round with my life on repeat but at not quite 30 I have another 30 odd years ahead of me with this. Eugh

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