Meltdown advice please :(

Hi, I'm new, so apologies if I do anything wrong! 

I just wanted to hear the opinions and experiences of others. Recently I have had so many things that are out of my comfort zone going on, it's been so  overwhelming that I have been having a meltdown a day. I'm exhausted, and that is making it worse. Yesterday I was trying to cope with my neighbors being noisy by listening to music with headphones  (could still hear them though!) and I just snapped when my partner arrived home and obviously made more noise. I threw my phone as it was in my hand at the time, so that's destroyed now. I havent even finished paying for it. I was yelling and hitting myself, I feel like a terrible person and like I'm just ruining his life. He says it's fine, but I don't feel like it was fine at all, every day I'm freaking out and it must be awful. How have you guys got through times of stress without driving everyone around you mad? And how do you deal with meltdowns? I just want to feel calm again. 

  • Hi. Welcome. I’m only recently diagnosed, but worked out ages ago I was best living on my own, as nobody probably would put up with me! The downside to that is loneliness. Also I was sort of hiding my behaviour. Can’t really tell you how I cope with meltdowns, as that is now work in progress. I use medication at present for extreme days, but hope to gain more self control. One thing I have always done is shut myself in a small room eg. toilet or covered myself completely with bedclothes. That calms me. I might try just an eye mask next time, but I think I would miss the weight of the bedclothes. Water calms me too. That’s probably a personal quirk!  Hope you feel better about things soon. 

  • Maybe find something you take take it out on, rather than your phone? Something that is the equivalent of a punch bag?

    I do sympathise, I have my moments too. Of blotting my copybook. If the metro is cancelled and so many have to pile onto terminally crowded buses instead and I'm in a hurry and I'm cold and hungry. I don't tend to damage anything that is valuable (one of my cats does that when she loses it. I never thought cats could tantrum, that's ma girl......)  but I would love to be able to get a sound-proofed front door. That would keep my nosy neighbors at bay!!!!!!

  • I know how you feel because there has been so many changes in my life I've been having loads of meltdowns too! :( I have just changed colleges and it sure has been a super massive change for me because I've been in special needs education for nearly 10 years so I am not used to mainstream life. I have had loads of meltdowns and I'm trying to find a way to help myself.