ASD and Hypertension

Hi all

My first posting here after a few months browsing.

As somebody with Hypertension (High Blood Pressure) and likely ASD (GP has referred me) I recognise that a contributory factor could be the anxiety that is almost continual.

I was wondering if there were people with similar problems and whether they have discussed with their GP for additional medication (I have a checkup booked in a couple of weeks).

Also, was there anything else that they found helped to reduce the blood pressure?


  • My blood pressure has gone down since I got my diagnosis and decided that I can be me instead of trying to confirm all the time. It hasn't gone down enough to stop taking drugs for it but I have gone from 3 days to two and reduced the dose on both of them.

    Welcome to the forum (as a poster not a lurker)

  • Same here. 

    Drugs reduced the BP but I found it almost impossible to get anything done. It was as if my limbs were made of lead.