My strange eating habits

Hi there...

I know a lot of autistic people have certain eating habits such as liking certain foods and things, but I wondered if anyone else had similar habits to me. At the moment I feel a bit strange to say the least!

These are some of my habits:

  • I can't eat from plates or bowls that I have just washed up
  • If I don't wash something straight away, and leave it on the side for a day, I can't eat from it until the memory of it being dirty is gone
  • If executive dysfunction (or my chronic illness) leads me to not wash it up for a while, I just throw it out because I know I won't be able to eat from it :( I've lost some of my favourite bowls that way
  • I have certain cutlery and crockery for different things, I can't eat pasta from my cereal bowl for example

But if I go to someone else's house, none of these things apply. It's only if it is my house that I have these habits. I wonder if its linked to OCD?

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  • I can’t relate to the dirty plate thing but definitely certain crockery and cutlery for certain things. I have 5 different cups - one for tea, one for my morning coffee, one for coffee at other times, one for cappucino and 1 for hot chocolate or Horlicks. Drinking from the wrong cup messes with my head. E.g If I put coffee in my tea mug it would taste horrid because my brain would espect it to be tea. Also soup bowls for soup, cereal bowls for cereal, bread knife for bread, teaspoon for yoghurt, dessert spoon for ice-cream, and those spoons have to be the oval ones not the round ones. I cant’t use a round spoon for ANYTHING!

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