Growing Older and Autism

I don't know why but I feel more lonely and anxious as a woman of fifty two, than I did within my thirties and forties, when I had a fewer mental health difficulties.  However then

I was not diagnosed as autistic but thought I was like everybody else and not realising I was different, except in company.  Now I feel more alone as I grew older and am going through

the change, wondering if that has an effect on my wiring in my brain.   Has anyone else wondered what hormones and ageing has upon autism, I am sure that it does not help matters. 

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  • I had struggled to relate to other people all my life and had huge problems because of it, and had increasing problems with sensory over load. It wasn't until I got menopausal that I even considered that I might have ASD. I really don't think it was coincidental that it (the ASD) all came into focus and made such perfect sense at that particular time of life. So you're not alone. I really should try to read up on this, but it's been a long time since I could concentrate on reading for any length of time (menopausal brainfade?!) But I will look for the thread Lonewarrior mentions and make an effort.

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