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Hi, I'm relatively new here. I have suspected that I might have ASD for several years and am looking to get an assessment to make sure. I think the symptoms describe me very well, and I would like to know the answer. However, on the majority of NHS and private clinics websites, they would like you to bring a family member for the assessment. And I feel the request to bring a family member is a major barrier. One reason is that there is so much stigma associated with ASD, I am quite sure my parents would not want me to get a diagnosis. Some clinics do offer assessments without relatives' involvement, but add that it sometimes may not be possible to reach a conclusion without enough information. I don't have any close friends I can take with me to the assessment either. I was wondering if anyone has ever been through a diagnosis assessment alone and can share their experiences. This would be very helpful! 

  • Hi qwerty, I was diagnosed as 'High Functioning ASD' last year at the age of 56. I had been suffering from severe depression for several years & was referred for an assessment by my psychotherapist, who noticed that my thought patterns were unusually rigid & resistant to therapy.

    The diagnosis required two sessions spaced several months apart (due to NHS waiting lists), but I attended both of them alone. The first session seemed to concentrate on the more overt symptoms & because I have always been quite good at passing for 'normal' (whatever that is), I was told a second session was required.

    The initial forms I filled in before the first session asked questions about my early family life, but they didn't need to contact my parents directly (both of whom are still alive & enjoying retirement), or my brother & sister.

    I found both assessment sessions quite pleasant & wasn't that surprised when I was told I has a positive diagnosis at the end of the second one. Funnily enough though, around half of my friends/family weren't surprised either, whilst the others thought it must be a mistake. I suppose it all depends on how good other people are at seeing through my social mask ;-)

    Hope this helps

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