Been a long long time

Hi everyone. I hope you are all well. I realise it's been a long time since I have posted anything on here but I have had so much going on since well last time I posted. Last time I think I posted about my mum had died. That killed me almost quite literaly. Now I have had a lot going on since erm I had a few disagreements with my service provider for my broadband and phone but maybe we on a even keel there now but a ultimate disagreement with them but that got me diagnosed with depression which I genuinely think I needed for my own life (got put on anti-depressants as I know I was struggling with my mum's death) I not prepared to hide it. Now I also have had some developments there too I did not go back to my own house for a long long time on a regular basis but I have started taking up cooking classes for my own well being and independence and now I have been linked in with SAMH (a mental health charity here in my local area in scotland) mentally I know I am struggling but I am trying my damn hardest to better myself and SAMH are gonna try and link me in with communities in my area for my own house and erm maybe local officies within my NAS area. Lots of worries to ponder on but wanted to update you all on my progress :)

  • Hey welcome back my friend,,,I really missed you,,it was a very emotional time when your mother passed away,, I cried openly for many hours, I also cried for you suddenly having to cope with all that comes with losing such a key person in your life,,, I have experienced the same when my own mother passed away, I was unable to focus when I first heard,,,

    so gradually getting back to self efficiency,,? Sounds very good, learning to cook should be fun and a very needed skill to bring you joy when thinking what to buy and budget for, glad the antidepressants worked for you,,as things start to get back on track maybe you can start coming off them? You were doing so very well moving into your own place,, filled me with pride to hear your updates,,, you coped so very well,,,your determination did that,,, please visit here as much as you need, don’t ever think any question is silly, we all have to learn...

    wow I am so happy now,,,thank you for keeping me(us) informed.

    take care and here’s a hug for YOU (x)

  • I'm happy for you that things are starting to come together now  : )   It can take hard work and determination but it sounds like you're doing brilliantly with both, Well Done!