Social Worker & Support Worker


I want to discuss situation with my social worker. I am under the care of an nhs team, which has provided 3 sessions of psychology with different students,this has been going well.Now the team is saying, that's it basically. I should have access to a mental health nurse, and mental health support worker. I have had no access to either, they don;t have a mental health nurse, and resource is not available for mental health support worker. I feel I would benefit from those, I had a mental health nurse on the diagnostic team and she made a big difference.

Social worker is recommending a support worker, now my finances are complicated, and I simply can not agree to financial declaration. I am trying to put finances to one side and try and join remaining strings, So now, in that mind set, I pay for my care from council.

It all looks so simple on the surface, but the support worker is part of an organisation that provides these services to the council, their remit is really wide reaching, they can help with practically anything.

Now, my fear is I will lose control of my support, and will lose future support from my nhs team, as all issues that crop up will just simply be directed to my support worker. Now while I pay for my care, I don't control the finances and subsequently fear that I will lose overall control of my care


  • I don't understand. You say you currently pay for your care but you don't "control the finances"? If it's a question about your finances it might be better (more confidential) to speak to your social worker about the best way forward and ask for advice about the financial impact of these changes.