both me and partner are autistic - should we have children


So both my partner and I are high functioning and have been together for 7 years now and have a dog together and have babysat before all without a problem so are mentally and physically fit to look after a child.

As however we are both autistic and there is a genetic correlation, what is the likelihood of us passing this on? also is it more likely that a child of two high functioning people will also be high functioning or will it mean that the child will not be as high functioning as us?

Are there any studies or reading material for this?

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  • If you want children, have them, if they turn out ASD, you will be the perfect parents. Nothing wrong with being ASD! It’s just our brains work different. If there were no ASD in this world we wouldn’t have any of the major invention and breakthroughs we have today! Look at all the great and famous people who just happen to have ASD. Maybe a child of yours will hold the keys to more great breakthroughs. Who knows? Yes there are challenges, and life is hard, I have found living in a NT world and growing up undiagnosed hard, now diagnosed (at 56) I look back and understand better, but if my mum had know she’d pass on ASD to me would she had children, I hope so. ASD runs in families, but there is no way of knowing for sure, if a child of yours would have ASD, May have something else, life’s like that. But if you want children have them, enjoy them. 

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