both me and partner are autistic - should we have children


So both my partner and I are high functioning and have been together for 7 years now and have a dog together and have babysat before all without a problem so are mentally and physically fit to look after a child.

As however we are both autistic and there is a genetic correlation, what is the likelihood of us passing this on? also is it more likely that a child of two high functioning people will also be high functioning or will it mean that the child will not be as high functioning as us?

Are there any studies or reading material for this?

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  • As for the question ‘should we have children’, this really is a matter for you and is not for anyone else to dictate. I don’t know of any specific data regarding the likelihood of two autistic parents having an autistic child, though it is true to say that many autistic parents have autistic children, and there is clearly some form of genetic link as you say.

    Regarding whether or not the child would be high functioning because both parents are, on the basis alone of the families I know of, I would say that just because the parents are high functioning, it doesn’t mean the child will be. I suppose this correlates with neurotypical people in a way - clever parents don’t necessarily have clever children, non-disabled parents don’t necessarily have non-disabled children etc.

    The only reading I could recommend is on a blog I read as below, and The Guardian have also written a number of good articles (available on their website, just search ‘Autism’ and browse the options) regarding autistic parents/parenting autistic children etc.

    I hope this helps in some way.

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