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Today I took my first steps of going to my GP appointment, and discussing my thoughts regarding possibly being on the Autistic Spectrum. I went with my mum who also gave some background information regarding childhood/young adulthood and I mentioned certain areas which made me want to get checked/assessed.

I am 21, and the GP recommended I look into services at my local 'Find it Out' centre, which is basically generalised counselling/emotional support. There is no medical training/thorough psychological training in the areas I am needing it in. Not only this, but these services are only offered between the ages of 11-18, which confuses me further as to why I have been told to go down this avenue.

I mentioned how I understood from research, that referrals are made for a diagnosis etc, to which my GP said was true, however was not always the first steps, and it is further along down the process.

I would like others opinions on this, as well as wondering if a second opinion may be the best option?

Thank you to anyone who replies

  • Same sort thing that I had to do. Sadly a lot of GP don't have no a clue how about to get and adult diagnoses. I am only guessing during time at GP it explained a lot of upset and distress in your life. For that that would correct support. But lot people who are trained in that counselling/emotional support have not been trained in dealing with people who have autism. What could sound like small thing to some who isn't autisic could be a big tell in someone who is autisic.

    I realy wish all GP had poster they could put in there staff room that explains how get diagnoses for child and adult in there area.  The problem is no GP wants to say don't know how to do anything, ego's.

    Now I am in England and pointed the GP to which requires NHS to do diagnoses for adults. (The England/Wales part is important, it dosn't cover all the UK) That saying about the nothing about duration of waiting time, you could be in for long wait.

    Each NHS authority do things in a different way. In some areas it done by mental health in others learning disabilities. (autism in it self is not a mental health issue or learning a disability but some people who have autism of couse could have them as well). What you could do is see if there are any support groups for people/familys who have autism or learning disabilities in your area. They might know where GP needs to send a referral to. (PS I am not saying you have mental health or learning disabilities)

    PS When you do go for assessment I would recomend have you mother there with you. Firstly for moral support and she would be able to tell things about you would not be able to. Things like your early years and how you really like today.

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