Collecting things

Does anyone else collect a particular thing and feel quite obsessive about it?

My collection kind of possesses my mind and is really bad for my bank balance, but also brings me massive joy.

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  • I have a few collections and something that came up in the diagnosis, one that has become a problem, as I am spending most of my spare time just managing it. I collect plastic model kits, star wars and space art, old home computers. Have been obessions which most have died down, I don't know why but having a problem with the model kits. I spend much of my spare time managing it, carefully stored stuff in boxes, in bedrooms, not in the attic. I was devastated a few years back find some mould inside some of the kits. I started selling some on  ebay to reduce my collection. I did manage to resist buying loads last year, but past few months have got back in to that. I think it is related to my obsessive interests and my depression. I still want to continue the interest, but was to get my collection down to about 100-150. I also collect old audio equipment, which makes a big hit on my bank balance.

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