I have my ASD assessment tomorrow, any advice?

Hello, as I said above i have my long awaited assessment tomorrow, they rang a little while ago with a cancellation. 

I'm i think a little scared.

I'm 50, I don't know what to wear tomorrow, that sounds so stupid.


  • Hi Song,

    Wear whatever you feel most comfortable in... and just be yourself.  They're not trying to catch you out.  I had my assessment and diagnosis almost 3 years ago, aged 56.  It took about an hour and was mainly focusing on my childhood, any problems I'd had in adult life (relationships, work, etc), and things that I generally found to be a struggle.  My eye contact issue was obvious.  I also mentioned the bullying at school, and the problems I had with social communication generally: body language, gestures, and so forth.

    You're bound to feel anxious now - and that, too, will be picked up on.  I went into mine knowing that I had ASC, so I tried to focus on the benefit I knew a formal diagnosis would give me.  Since getting it, my life has changed.  Now, I no longer feel like a freak.  I no longer wonder why I can't make friends, or struggle with things that others take in their stride.  It has improved my mental health, too, because now I know what the underlying reasons are for everything. 

    Good luck.  I always tend to think the worst about something I have to do, and I over-analyse stuff.  But really, my diagnostic assessment was nothing to worry about.  Hopefully, yours will be the same.

    Let us know how it goes.


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