ASD and hallucinations

Ok so I’m doing some research. I have a friend with ASD who recently experienced hallucinations, suicidal thoughts and anxiety and she also self harmed after anti psychotic medication was reduced by her psychiatrist- in the midst of a family crisis! (she wasn’t on this medication for psychosis but anxiety.)

So was it extreme anxiety that led to the hallucinations? Or is it autistic psychosis? 

Shes ended up in prison due to being discharged from a psychiatric unit twice (!) and offended to get into what she felt might be a safe place and the prison regime is strict on withdrawing people from Pregabalin, so now they’re taking her off 600mg in 6 days! and off Valium too! She’s experiencing hallucinations again and is very very distressed.

Has anyone had similar experiences? Or know of anyone? I’m looking into doing some training and this has become a particular area of interest and I hope to produce a booklet for local agencies.