Government Treatment of Asperges

Hey guys, 

I have a diagnosis of asperges (high functioning). I'm 27, intelligent, capable, pretty good at most things. I hate the label but do have associated traits.

Anyway my GP practice are terrible. They know me by name and hang up on me. My medical records are largely inaccurate with the incorrect diagnosis on majority of pages. They continously break the Data Protection Act but my experience was the information commissioner doesn't want to know (both government departments). They actually almost killed me as a child. They kept telling me I was fine & that I  I worry unnecessarily because I have asperges but privately they found a hernia on the first scan and fixed it. So I'm not delusional but this is how I am treated by the doctor. 

I bought a car and taxed it with the new keeper supplement. Because the seller didn't send the v5 off I got no tax reminder and car was on the road. I got a sticker on the car saying no tax so I called Dvla. They said it's not my fault, just pay £20 for new logbook and tax it. Anyway I taxed it but still got taken to court and charged. (pleaded guilty by post with mitigating circumstances, explaining I did not intend to not pay tax and would of had I been reminded, explaining seller didn't transfer my details. Anyway I got charged guilty and fined

Then at the PIP assessment recently (it's at tribunal). The pip assessor didn't type what I said. It was substantially minimised. There are pages with answers that I don't remember being asked and the answers are not mine (I like chatting on the phone etc, i really don't)  Then the decision maker states my pip decision was made by looking at the evidence such as the the muscle-skeleton assessment but when I refer to the assessment it says clearly 'not assessed'

I'm basically fed up this treatment. I find people are nice but the government isn't and I'm really struggling. My parents are old and when they go I don't think I'll manage. I just get pushed around by government.... Everyone else doesn't do this... Only people who have access to my files or I've already said I have asperges..  Is anyone else treated this way?