Antisocial vs not being very good at being social

I wonder how many of us are seen as being antisocial when the issue is more a difficulty in knowing how to, or a fear/aversion to socially engaging with others?
Is there a tendency for some people to conflate sociopathy with ASD/Asperger's/Autism?

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  • I feel for those who are desperate to find friends.  It's just not for me

    I find the same, although it's hard to describe to an extent. I have a small number of friends and I would miss them if they weren't there long term, but that is because they are friends now rather than because of any longing for friends specifically. I've become accustomed to their presence in my life and I'd miss it if they weren't there, I genuinely care for them and they me. The same with family, it's important to me and I care about them deeply.

    That being said I don't need people, I could take a week off work and be quite happy not speaking to or interacting with anyone for that whole week, I don't feel a need to. In some kind of apocalyptic scenario I could quite easily function on my own or as some kind of hermit.

    That side of things can make friendship difficult, it takes effort to maintain friendships and for me as there often isn't the driver of needing human interaction it can be easy to not speak to people. I make a conscious effort to do it and when I make myself I more often than not enjoy it. There have also been people in my life I genuinely enjoy spending time with, that I miss when I don't see and speak to them and who I've deeply connected with.