Do you have learning difficulties?

Never been actually diagnosed as such . When I was 6 my parents were persuaded to take me to Great Ormond street as my first school in Thailand suspected I might have what is now called cerebral palsy. This turned out to be negative and any further exploration of my difficulties was dropped. My prep school headmaster described me to my public school headmaster in 1969/70 as bad at drawing and writing(dysgraphia?) and badly coordinated (dyspraxia?) and my report card at Felsted(public school) said I was disorganised and messy(executive functioning difficulties). I was quite good at arithmetic, average at algebra, but really struggled with geometry and trigonometry.
Nowadays such things would be markers for suggesting an evaluation by an educational psychologist, but back then there was no follow up to those observations.

What first pointed me to NVLD as a possibility, and also lead to the possibility of autistic traits, was searching about discrepancies in performance re verbal vs spatial/non- verbal. As I was curious whether that suggested anything.

Here is a list of things I know about myself

Social interaction problems.

Have difficulty with small talk and initiating conversations.

Only couple of friends in 3D over 60 years

Much better at verbal IQ questions than non-verbal/ visual spatial.

Not good at constructional/manual/practical tasks. Can’t do jigsaws
meant for children.

Started doing well academically but gradual decline starting at 9.5

Had to have handwriting lessons.

Bad at sports especially gymnastics.

Have difficulty when it comes to organising and planning.

Messy and untidy

Poor sense of direction and afraid of going too far in case i get lost.

Not good in crowds as difficulty judging distances and get overwhelmed
by the toing and froing

Poor balance- was nearly 14 before i managed to ride a bike.

According to my stepdaughter- walk like I’m drunk

Poor drawing skills.

Struggle with change.

Assorted mental health issues(general+social anxiety,depression,delusions, mood swings,paranoid thinking)

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