Weighted blanket - a few questions

The nights are getting warmer now and I can't sleep without a blanket. What I currently use, is making me far too hot.

A few questions:

- is there an issue with weighted blankets and them getting too hot / making people too hot?

- how would I know what weight I need?

  • Certainly it used to be possible to get meshed blankets, like a string vest, that were designed to store heat if used between a sheet and coverlet. That might be used as a cooler over-blanket. But whether these are heavy enough is questionable, although I suppose weight can be achieved by weights in the hem

  • this might sound odd but put cold water into one or two hot water bottles and put it on a cool sheet for the summer it might work give a go. 

  • I support a young man who likes to apply pressure to his body and will often take your hand to put pressure on his face or he will push his back onto a wall and stay there.Could anyone give me any suggestions to help with this mans need for pressure?


  • Apparently, to work out the weight needed, it's something along the lines of 10% of body weight.

    Going back to the question above. You can buy (can't remember the name) smaller versions of the weighted blanket, weighted vests, etc.

  • Weighted blankets come in various sizes and weights and provide deep-touch therapy or deep-pressure stimulation. Clinical studies suggest this sensation, similar to being held or hugged, releases serotonin which helps to regulate sleep and mood.

    As weighted blankets increase in popularity, more retailers are cropping up. While it is important to be sure your child’s weighted blanket is well constructed and uses appropriate fillers, consumers have an increasing number of retailers to choose from when purchasing.

    As mentioned above, Mosaic Weighted Blankets is a popular option. They have a large variety of blankets and wraps to choose from allowing consumers to customize their blanket’s material, size, and weight more than many other retailers. They also offer a DIY kit for families feeling adventurous. Their children’s blankets tend to hover around the $100 price point.

    The Magic Blanket, another popular retailer, has a large variety of fabric options and allows the customer to email them with custom orders. Their website houses an extensive review section and answers frequently asked questions. They offer military and law enforcement discounts and their blankets tend to range from $70 to $120 depending on the fabric.

    You can find more information here: Weighted Blankets for Autism: Reducing Anxiety and Providing a Good Night’s Sleep - Autism Parenting Magazine